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Support the Pulp Society x TIRAF COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser



Over the past few weeks, 78 artists, illustrators, writers and first-time makers collaborated in a unique digital program to make 16 zines. As an attempt to combat the loneliness and creative isolation resulting from the lockdown, Pulp Society x TIRAF created two digital games - Exquizine and Blind Date —  in hope of energizing the creative community through the power of collective action.


The participating artists along with Pulp Society x TIRAF are donating the outcome of this collaboration to the COVID-19 relief work and would like YOU to join in this collective effort to help those who are most in need.


Through the sale of a limited edition of 20 Exquizine and Blind Date zines, we can together aim to raise INR 2,00,000 — that’s the amazing power of the arts!

How does it work?


Select your zines to purchase.

Make a minimum donation to of INR 500/- to GOONJ Rahat Covid fund, to get one Exquizine.

Make a minimum donation of INR 1,000/- to PAIGAM Delhi Covid fund, to get one Blind Date zine.

Take a screenshot of your receipt and email it to

Your zine will be on its way to you soon! Pulp Society x TIRAF will be producing and distributing

the zines to all donors once lockdown is lifted.


  • Donations must be made after April 30th 2020. Back-dated donations cannot be used.

  • To ensure that you get the zine of your choosing, please email us to book your selection prior to making your donation.

  • You can purchase as many zines as you like through a single donation receipt. 

  • All artworks have been donated by the participating artists, and cost of production and domestic mailing will be covered by Pulp Society x TIRAF. International mailing is extra.

About Us


The Irregulars Art Fair is India’s first anti-art fair for independent artists, conceived to foster a dialogue that transcends prescribed geographies, hierarchies, and established markets.

We seek to present new and undiscovered artists in spaces that were not originally created for an art exhibition and to showcase their work in ways and forms that are not conventionally meant for display.

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