Miss the thrill of the unknown? Seeking a safe way to interact with a group of strangers? We are here to help! Loosen up, let go of some control and sign up to play EXQUIZINE! 


A fast-paced, collaborative zine-making game inspired by ‘Exquisite Corpse’- a ‘game in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal his or her contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution'. In our version, you're going to be making a Zine with a group of strangers.


Feeling isolated and lonely? Looking for a partner to provide some creative stimulation? Sign up for a BLIND DATE with our artistic match-making game.


The first 10 players to sign up will get anonymously paired up with another isolated creative. After we’ve made the matches, you have 7 days to collaborate online to create a digital zine. Pulp Society x TIRAF will provide you with a choice of zine templates, a starting prompt, and video consultations along the way.


Sign-Up online: 30 March 2020, 12pm (noon)

Gameplay: 3 - 12 April 2020

Maximum Players: 50



Game Play:


  1. Sign up using the online form. The first 50 people to sign up can join the game.

  2. You will get assigned a PlayDay - but won't know how many players you are collaborating with. Each zine will have between 3 - 10 players.

  3. The first person in the game will receive a prompt from Pulp Society x TIRAF.

  4. Each successive player will receive their prompt from the previous player by 12 AM (midnight) of the PlayDay and will have 24 hours to complete the submission and pass it on the next player (i.e. by 12 AM (midnight) the next day).

  5. At the end of Gameplay the last player submits the last page to us. We will format the final Exquizines which will be previewed on the virtual exhibition This is (now) online.

  6. All players will have to visit the website to see the final outcome!





Sign-Up online: 30 March 2020, 12pm (noon)

Gameplay: 3 - 10 April 2020

Maximum Players: 10

Game Play:

  1. Sign up using the online form. The first 10 people to sign up can join the game. 

  2. At the end of the sign-up day, all players will receive a link to select their top 3 matches(i.e. please note you will remain anonymous to other players until you are paired up)

  3. You have 24 hours to make your selection. Pulp Society x TIRAF will work their match-maker magic and pair you up! You will get introduced to your partner over email, and you can get started on your zine.

  4. We will provide you with a starting prompt/theme and a zine template. We will also be available for tech support via video chat and email.

  5. At the end of Gameplay each pair submits their zine to us as a PDF to be previewed as part of our virtual exhibition This is (now) online.

  6. All players will have to visit this website to see the final outcome!





Q. What's 'This is (now) online'?

A. On online Zine making game open to all. It is an extension to 'This is (not) tomorrow'- a Zine exhibition that was supposed to open at Pulp Society in April 2020.

Q. I don’t want to be part of the online exhibition, I like to make zines by hand. Can I still submit something?

A. Sure, we are still accepting applications for the exhibition This is (not) tomorrow until 27 April 2020. However, the dates of this program are postponed till later this year.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Since we have a limited number of slots, registration will only open on 30 March from 12 PM (noon) - 12 AM (midnight). Come back to the site then to sign up.

Q. Can I play more than one game? 

A. No. You can submit an application for more than one game, but to include the maximum number of participants we can only allow each person to play one game.

Q. What is a prompt?

A. A prompt can be an image, text, word, collage - anything that the next player can respond to. It does not have to be instructional.

Q. How long do I have to play the game? I am a busy person!

A. If you sign up for Exquizine, you only have to play for 24 hours. If you sign up for Blind Date, it is up to you and your partner how much time you want to spend on making the zine together.


Q. I don’t have any editing software like Photoshop or Illustrator on my phone. Can I still play?

A. Sure! The game is open to everyone. If you’re a writer you can send text in the body of an email and we will format it for you. You can use a printer or a scanner if that is available to you. You can use your camera phone, or download an easy free editing app. This is the time to get creative.


Q. What will happen to the final zines?

A. They will be displayed as part of the virtual exhibition This is (now) online. When the gallery re-opens, we will have an exhibition where there are physical copies of the zine on display as well.


Q. Who owns the copyright to the zine?

A. All the collaborating artists will own the copyright together. Participating artists can use them for their own personal portfolios, but the collective zine and the individual artworks within them cannot be reproduced without permission from all the participants. 


Q. I still have more questions.

A. Sure! Email us at info@pulpsociety.in

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The Irregulars Art Fair is India’s first anti-art fair for independent artists, conceived to foster a dialogue that transcends prescribed geographies, hierarchies, and established markets.

We seek to present new and undiscovered artists in spaces that were not originally created for an art exhibition and to showcase their work in ways and forms that are not conventionally meant for display.

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